Slave Free Madison at the Fair Trade Festival December 6th

The Fair Trade Holiday Festival is coming up soon! Saturday, December 6th at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin from 9am-4pm. If you have never attended, are you in for a treat! Imagine an enormous exhibit hall filled to the brim with fair trade exhibitors from all over the world. (Along with some domestic groups and local organizations. Come check out what Slave Free Madison is selling!

November Meeting & Fundraising Presentation

Please join us for our monthly business meeting on November 4th at 6:30 pm.  All are welcome!

Pinney Library: 204 Cottage Grove Road, Madison, WI

This month we have invited Mike Famiano to tell us a unique fundraising campaign he undertook via bicycle, which he hopes to do again with SlaveFree Madison's collaboration.

More Information About This Month's Presentation

My name is Mike Famiano.  I’m a resident of southern Wisconsin.  This year, I took a bicycle ride around Lake Michigan to raise money and awareness for the Association For Suicide Preventions (AFSP).  This was a solo, self-supported trip of 1168 miles in 11 days.  During this trip, I passed out flyer's and spoke with people along the way.  Many people made donations to my cause during this trip – several of which were spontaneous donations.  This ride was self-advertised using a Rally page: During this trip, I was able to donate 94% of all funds raised to the AFSP.

While I am not an expert at fundraising for charitable causes, this journey allowed me a chance to combine a thrill for cycling with a desire to do good.  I am currently planning a trip for next year and hope to raise money and awareness for another cause.  For 2015, I hope to ride for awareness of human trafficking.

Some facts about me:

  • I became interested in human trafficking when someone mentioned an organization called “Free The Girls.”  This organization works to get women out of the slave trade and provide them with their own sustainable business of selling bras!  My involvement with this so far was to organize a men’s outing during which a group of local men went bra shopping to make a donation.
  • I would like to dedicate next year’s trip to raising support in the fight against human trafficking.  I’m hoping that Slave-Free Madison will let me collaborate with them.


Modern Day Slavery Awareness Walk sponsored by the HOPE Movement

Walk with us along the Lakeshore path on October 18, 2-5pm (with the actual walking time being about 1 hour). Walk and learn about human trafficking and modern day slavery. Walk and get a better idea of the proximity of human trafficking. Walk and gain knowledge that might help you and your loved ones reduce the likelihood of the risk and its adverse consequences. Walk and spread awareness to free those 27 million people currently enslaved. 


Aruna 5K Run for Their Freedom



5K run/walk to end Human Trafficking:
Madison, October 18, starting at 'Vilas Park Zoo, sponsored be the Aruna Project.  
The Aruna Project fights for women enslaved in human trafficking in India by hosting 5k races and other events.
Aruna is a Hindi word meaning 'bright morning sun.' The Aruna Project is working to end commercial sexual exploitation by bringing freedom and restoration to the many women and children sold into the trade. Help bring hope by participating in the Aruna 5k race in Madison. Run for their freedom!  The Madison walk will also connect participants with local groups that are working to end sex trafficking locally. 



For more information please visit