Slave Free Madison educational meeting March 3, 6:30 pm at Pinney Library. Topic: Haiti: Economic Development and Preventing Modern Slavery presented by Amanda Bickel

Haiti: Economic Development and Preventing Modern Slavery

We often see Haiti in dire news stories about poverty. An untold story is about restavecs, or Haitian child slaves. With the struggle to serve these children, what economic development initiatives can prevent this from happening and contribute to positive changes throughout Haiti?

Presenter: Amanda Bickel. She is a Madison native and graduated from UW Madison studying french and African studies in 2009. She then went to do relief work in haiti after the earthquake in 2010. After some more traveling, she began working for Serrv in the fair trade industry. Last year she returned to haiti, where I sought connections to pursue my own organization to create economic stability in haiti. Later this year she will be pursuing my masters in international development alongside her project work in Haiti.