Indonesia's Palm Oil Industry Rife With Human-Rights Abuses

If you've bought any consumer goods lately ("from doughnuts to soap, lipstick to biodiesel"), you have bought palm oil.

Don't miss this in-depth, undercover report on labor trafficking and exploitation in Indonesia's palm oil industry by Ben Skinner, friend of SlaveFree Madison and former Madisonian. 

"A nine-month investigation of the industry, including interviews with workers at or near 12 plantations on Borneo and Sumatra...revealed widespread abuses of basic human rights. Among the estimated 3.7 million workers in the industry are thousands of child laborers and workers who face dangerous and abusive conditions. Debt bondage is common, and traffickers who prey on victims face few, if any, sanctions from business or government officials."

Ben visited one of our meetings recently and shared some great ideas he had for SlaveFree Madison.  Here he is (third from back left) with some of our members: